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Stanley plane identification: how to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type by joshua t farnsworth below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification, specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes. The most notable contributor to the success of the stanley plane was the gifted tool maker leonard baileyhis 1867 patents for plane improvements are widely credited as the birth of all stanley type planes.

Type 3 1872-1873 type 13 1925-1928 “stanley” appears on lever cap type 4 1874-1884 type 14 1929-1930 “made in usa” appears cast into type 5 1885-1888 lateral adjustment lever appears bed. For over a century, stanley® has built a legacy by producing some of the most well known hand tools and storage products in the world welcome to the official site of stanley tools.

Home: special: see purchasing- any item may be purchased by visa/mc, money order, cashiers check or bank draft in us funds (purchases by money order, cashiers check or bank draft are held for 7 days pending receipt of remittance. Tools hardware how do i how do i date a product by the stanley logo update cancel the above link concerns itself with dating stanley planes but there is.

The tool is painted red and the red has some light wear and the initials f j scratched in g+ $45 st161071 number 148 match plane a 7/8 stanley going and coming tongue and groove plane the nickel shows honest wear and is around 70. The stanley rule & level co entered the brace business fairly early dating it to the stanley tools guide to identity & value 2nd ed (the tool.

The sw stands for the stanley works, and stanley, obviously, stands for the rule and level firm the heart-shape is a memorial to the stanley works long-time president, william hart the first version of the logo has new britain, conn usa in two lines under the heart, and dates from around 1920. Shop for-and learn about-antique rules and rulers stanley related so carpenters and tool makers alike devised ways to fold their wooden rulers so the tool. Shop for-and learn about-antique and vintage stanley tools in the united states, the words “tools and hardware” and “stanley” are almost synonymous the.

Four categories seem sufficient to describe and roughly date a plane: pre-lateral for any plane that has no side adjusting mechanism for the cutter, low knob, sw model or tall knob (sw stands for stanley works but is usually called sweetheart) and late models for ww2 vintage and later.

Patrick leach reformatted the type study and added comments based on his experience with stanley planes i converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline. Below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification, specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes there are other good sites for dating stanley planes (like patrick’s blood and gore), but i’ve tried to make my stanley.

The original and seminal work of roger k smith in his two volumes devoted to the identification and segregation of antique tools, particularly of the stanley planes, has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in the stanley bench plane dating page found at jay sutherland's site. Tools for sale dating planes plane how to’s bench plane restoration guide posts in category dating stanley january 27, 2016 stanley bench plane typing. Start by reading patrick leach's comments on stanley plane datingthen check out the plane dating flowchartif you thirst for heaps of data on plane dating, visit the plane type studyor the plane feature timeline plane dating flowchart get your bench plane in hand (unless you have it's features memorized) and start answering questions.

Stanley tool dating
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